Where to begin…

Coronavirus has made my life a living hell, causing major issues with my anxiety and testing my personal limits. I gave a lot of thought to how I can find daily inspiration and this blog popped into my head a few times.

I have always been extremely goal oriented and driven to succeed, however not everyone is wired the same way as me and that always peaked my interest. Being a former athlete, I had the opportunity to play along side some incredibly talented humans and see what drove them forward. Fast forward 10 years and most people are no longer playing sports, however they found a way to stay motivated and achieve.

This blog is dedicated to seeing what motivates people to achieve goals, how and why they set goals, what they see in their future, and getting to know what goes on in their head.

My ideal plan is to blog once a week with an interview I have with someone regarding their motivation. This interviews are ideally people of different generations, occupations, and personality types. I will start with people I am close to and ideally branch off to meet new people who I see as good fits for the blog.

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